Friday, January 22, 2016

Bill's Best of 2015. COMEDY AWARDS

As comedy is a relatively small part of the shows we saw this year, I'm grouping all companies together, without tiers (Large, Small, Micro).  I know that this may seem somewhat arbitrary and unfair.  Even so, I think it works.  Small companies were well represented among the nominees.

Actors, actresses, and companies are welcome to print the certificates below.  The platform for the certificates is Microsoft PowerPoint.  If the resolution is not good enough, please contact me at  I will make the original PowerPoint images available to you via email or

Finally, it is inevitable that awards create fewer winners than runners up.  Please understand that the decisions are difficult, and the results are my best judgments of all the shows I saw. In my view, you are all "winners." 


A.  The nominations for Best Comedy were:

1.   The Liar, Theatreworks

2.  The Foreigner, Spotlight Theatre Company

4.  A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Theatreworks.

5.  Private Lives, Theatreworks.

Winner, Bill's Best of 2015 Best, Comedy is:

 The ForeignerSpotlight Theatre Company.


B.  The nominations for Best Actor, Comedy were:

1.  Bernie Cardell as Charlie Baker, The Foreigner, Spotlight Theatre Company.

2.  John DiAntonio as Dorante, The Liar, Theatreworks.

3.  Anthony Adu as Chicklet, Psycho Beach Party, Theatre Out.

4.  Mark Light-Orr as Elyot Chase, Private Lives, Theatreworks.

5.  Marq Del Monte as Dr. Lester Oronofsky, Paging Dr. Chutzpah, Denver’s Dangerous c.  Theatre.

Winner, Bill's Best of 2015 Best, Best Actor, Comedy is:  Bernie Cardell, The ForeignerSpotlight Theatre Company.


C.  The nominations for Best Actress, Comedy were:

1.  Janessa O’Fallon as Marvel Ann, Psycho Beach Party, Theatre Out.

2.  Megan Gainey as Sibyl Chase, Private Lives, Theatreworks.

3.  Elyse Knight as Amanda Prynne, Private Lives, Theatreworks.

4.  Alicia Franks as Tess, Couple Dating, Funky Little Theater.

Winner, Bill's Best of 2015 Best, Best Actress, Comedy: Megan Gainey, Private Lives, Theatreworks.


D.  The nominations for Best Supporting Actor, Comedy were:

1.  Robert Raisl as Nick Bottom, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Theatreworks.

2.  Sammie Joe Kinnett as Cliton, The Liar, Theatreworks.

3.  Luke Allen Terry as Ellard Sims, The Foreigner, at Spotlight Theatre Company.

Winner, Bill's Best of 2015 Best Supporting Actor, Comedy is:  Robert RaisA Midsummer Night's Dream, Theatreworks.


E.  The nominations for Best Supporting Actress, Comedy were:

1.  Rachel Baker as Helena, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Theatreworks.

2.  Anna Faye Hunter as Hermina, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Theatrworks.

3.  Megan Rieger, The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr (Abridged)(Revised), Black Box Theatre Company.

4.  Rebecca Meyers as Anabelle Schmidt and others, The 39 Steps, Thin Air Theatre Company.

5.  Mia Park as Kitty Gypsy, Paging Dr. Chutzpah, Denver’s Dangerous Theatre.

Winner, Bill's Best of 2015, Best Supporting Actress:  Anna Fay Hunter, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Theatreworks. 

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