Monday, May 23, 2016


Heads up.

For a lot of reasons, after more than 4 years, more than 250 reviews, and nearly 250,000 page hits, I am winding down my blog Theater Colorado.  I have also informed the Colorado Theater Guild that I will no longer be available as a Henry Judge.  

The Commitments.  My commitments.
What started as a hobby has become a black hole, sucking time and energy from my other commitments.  I had intended to slow the pace in 2016, but after 5 months, that pace is still accelerating.

Travel to and from Denver, often 2-3 times per week, has become difficult.  It seems that I ALWAYS encounter traffic problems and delays.  In order to make a 7:30 curtain in Denver or Boulder, I have to plan to leave Colorado Springs not later than 4:00 PM (which puts me in the middle of the afternoon Denver rush hour).

The writing process, which I love, takes roughly 4 hours per post.  My self imposed turnaround for each post is 48 hours after the performance is over, but in 2016 I have routinely missed that deadline.  Seeing 3-4 (and sometimes 5) shows in a weekend means there are times when I can’t post some reviews until the following Wednesday.  

That’s unacceptable for me; I strive to do a quality review with detail and substance.  With so many shows to cover, I feel the quality and the timeliness are both suffering.  The actors, directors, crews, and companies in the Colorado theater community do first class work every time they take the stage.  I can do nothing less.

As I wind down the new content on Theater Colorado, be assured that I will not delete any of the existing content.  Please feel free to continue to use whatever content you like for resumes, marketing, grant applications and so on.

I will finish all commitments I have made for May, 2016, but will no longer make commitments for shows for June 1 and beyond.  In the future, Roxie and I will continue to attend productions as customers, and if the mood strikes, I may still post some thoughts on Theater Colorado.  However, I expect any new content to be sporadic and intermittent at best.

Please remove me from your press list.

I will always be grateful for the many personal, intangible benefits the Colorado theater community has generously shared with me since I started Theater Colorado in 2012.  This message is my personal “Thank You!” for the work you do and the value you bring to the community.  

Thanks again for all you do…”the show must go on.”


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