Monday, August 29, 2016

Thunder River Theatre Company Recognizes Founder and Artistic Director Lon Winston

Lon Winston is the founder and Artistic Director at Thunder River Theatre Company (TRTC) in Carbondale, Colorado. If you haven't been there, it's near Aspen. If you love theater AND you haven't been there, you REALLY need to make that trip.

Lon welcomed Roxie Wheeler and I to shows on several occasions while I was a Henry Judge for the Colorado Theater Guild. He's a gracious host, and very proud of his company. And he should be proud. Thunder River does amazing work in a state of the art facility. 

When I was working the Henry Award Work Team in 2015, Lon Winston was one of the people I really wanted on the team. He's a creative force and a dynamic personality. His knowledge of theater production is legendary. The day he said "yes" and joined the team I knew we were going to be able to tackle the many problems we faced. 

Not only did he volunteer, but he did so at a time when he had a LOT of other issues and commitments in Carbondale. But when asked, he answered the call. 

The theater in Carbondale was recently renamed "The Lon Winston Theatre." Think about that. You don't go to the Black Box at TRTC anymore. You go to THE LON WINSTON THEATRE. 

What an honor. Lon's the kind of guy you can't ignore. And Thunder River Theatre Company has done the right and nearly inevitable thing by recognizing Lon's talent, drive, and dedication to excellence.

So today it's NOT a hat tip. It's a STANDING OVATION. Well done, Mr. Winston. Well done.

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